Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure – and of your business. It has to be fast, scalable and secure – and that means it has to be architected by technology experts who understand your business needs. To maximize performance and reliability, your network has to be built on the right routing and switching foundation – one that delivers a consistent, high-quality experience for mission-critical applications and communication services.

We can deliver end-to-end network solutions and infrastructure projects in all phases from inception to planning, implementation, monitoring and optimization by using our valuable industry experience, highly focused approach and qualified resources across the region.


TXD systems can assist with the migration from older networking equipment, helping to architect a new high performance network architecture and implement either traditional or cloud-based Ethernet switching technologies based on the comprehensive portfolio of our partners for routing and switching solutions.

Either in the core or edge of your network, Ethernet Switching is the foundation for all things digital. Security, quality of service and performance are all critical components of a network which can deliver on the requirements of the business.


TXD systems can help optimize your existing networks or work with you to develop a new network which takes advantage of emerging technologies. We can implement a network which Reduces cost and complexity without compromising security or availability, eliminates dependencies on specific transport option and is able to scale as demands of the business grows.

Enterprises face a growing bandwidth challenge as carrier-grade access becomes more costly. How to create secure, reliable, and optimized WANs that offer user experiences over any connection-desktop, laptop, and mobile devices-at an affordable cost.

Securely connecting your organization to remote workers, branch offices and the Internet requires strong knowledge of the latest wide area networking technologies like software-defined wide area networking. Technologies like SD-WAN are helping companies provide cost effective connectivity and prioritizing critical application traffic across their network.


It is common for people to wonder “what is a wireless network” because while they exist nearly everywhere people live and work, how they work is often a mystery. Similarly, people often assume that all wireless is Wi-Fi, and many would be surprised to discover that the two are not synonymous. Both use RF, but there are many different types of wireless networks across a range of technologies (Bluetooth, ZigBee, LTE, 5G), while Wi-Fi is specific to the wireless protocol defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) in the 802.11 specification and it’s amendments.

A wireless network allows devices to stay connected to the network but roam untethered to any wires. Access points amplify Wi-Fi signals, so a device can be far from a router but still be connected to the network. When you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot at a cafe, a hotel, an airport lounge, or another public place, you’re connecting to that business’s wireless network.

Businesses can experience many benefits from a wireless network solution, including:

Convenience: Access your network resources from any location within your wireless network’s coverage area or from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mobility: You’re not tied to your desk, as you are with a wired connection. You and your employees can go online in conference room meetings, for example.

Productivity: Wireless access to the Internet and to your company’s key applications and resources helps your staff get the job done and encourages collaboration.

Easy setup: You don’t have to string cables, so installation can be quick and cost effective.

Expandability: You can easily expand wireless networks with existing equipment, whereas a wired network might require additional wiring.

Security: Advances in wireless networks provide robust security protections.

Reduced cost: Because wireless networks eliminate or reduce wiring expenses, they can cost less to operate than wired networks.

TXD Systems Offers:

  • Traditional Campus, Data Center, WAN Networking.
  • Software Defined Networking (SD-Access, SD-WAN)
  • Wireless Solutions (On-Premises & Cloud)
  • Core Network service solutions (DDI)
  • WAN optimization Solutions
  • Network management & monitoring solutions